30 Steps to a Simpler Life

  1. Choose Quality over Quantity — never settle for less.
  2. Evaluate Your Possessions — sometimes less is more.
  3. Limit Media Consumption — we all need a break from technology. Sit in nature, find your roots.
  4. Free Yourself From Consumerism — consumption is the bane of existence.
  5. Spend Less Time on Social Networks — there is so much negativity on social media.
  6. Evaluate Your Time Commitments — spend more time on things that have more meaning.
  7. Do More of What You Love — be selfish.
  8. Simplify Your Relationships — sometimes not everything needs to be complex.
  9. Evaluate Your Goals and Ambitions — do what truly makes you happy.
  10. Stop Multitasking — focus on one thing at a time, you will get more done.
  11. Learn to Say No — the power of no can change your life.
  12. Figure Out What is Most Important to You — sometimes we don’t know until we sit and evaluate it.
  13. Prioritise Your Work Tasks — if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  14. Analyse How You Spend Your Time — discipline is so critical when it comes to time.
  15. Reduce Digital Communication — sometimes we just need real interactions with people.
  16. Consolidate Your Email Accounts — less is more, once again.
  17. De-Clutter Your Email Accounts — the more we can declutter digitally, the more we can free up mentally.
  18. Schedule Email Checks Everyday — do not be consumed by your work.
  19. Spend More Time with Those You Love — you love them for a reason.
  20. Eliminate Duplications — mitigate as many duplicates as you can.
  21. Do More of What Makes You Happy — choose you.
  22. Live in The Moment — the present is the gift.
  23. Learn to be Content with Less — minimalism.
  24. Live More Deliberately — be intent with words and actions.
  25. Get Rid of Negative Habits — eradicate habits that do you no good.
  26. Cancel Expensive Memberships — unless it improves your health, your bank balance or your life; cancel it.
  27. Stop Putting Things in Storage — give to others, or throw it away. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Pay it forward.
  28. Be Comfortable with Doing Nothing — doing nothing is a blessing.
  29. Watch Less TV — it is poison.
  30. Read More Books — open your mind.



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Matthew John Partridge

Matthew John Partridge


Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.