COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Rise of the Digital Economy

With the changes in our global economy and with the ever-changing uncertainties we face on a daily basis, we need to be privy to the consistent changes in human behaviour. We also know, backed with evidence, that COVID-19 has undoubtedly being a springboard for the world to evolve into the digital space; a somewhat digital revolution.

Statistically the percentage of online shopping has increased significantly since COVID-19, with nearly all sectors and industries experiencing an increase in online shopping.

With the restrictions on human interaction, we have realised that the physical element of business has changed forever. The conventional forms of business have become a less physical, more digital and a whole lot more strange. For me, I thrive on meeting, connecting and interacting with people, regardless of context. However, things have changed. The digital handshake has become much more prevalent.

We also know that people have become a little more comfortable with the concept of virtual and digital business. Meetings held online are no longer a fear inducing idea but rather accepted and welcomed. As people become accustomed to working online and working from home, we have seen the behavioural shift in people globally. This has been contrasted with all facets of human life, looking not only at how we conduct work, but how we conduct our personal lives.

Systems have been fast-tracked to accommodate these changes to allow for the average human being to shop online, search online, meet online and work online.

E-commerce; also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

E-commerce is no stranger to our lives, but the behaviour and attitude to the term has changed considerably. We no longer look at e-commerce as the scary step father in the room, but rather the sophisticated father of conducting business online. Many businesses, some prior to COVID-19, but most due to COVID-19 have been forced to accept this notion and develop digital channels for their business. Some have got it right, some were forced to get it right and others were not fast enough in transitioning their business, and have succumbed to closing their businesses.

If you are in business and haven’t yet made e-commerce your priority, it would be good practice to ensure that these facets of your business are explored and understood.

What Will Business be like After the Pandemic?

Right now we are still in the midst of the pandemic. Businesses have had to change their entire business model in order to function in this current society.

I have found that businesses are closed for longer periods of time and may be understaffed due to a lack of available workforce. Backpackers are struggling to fill rooms because they have had to close their kitchens and communal areas.

The distorted reality we live in has become our new normal, but with a price. Everything has changed. People’s attitudes, business models and our day to day structures.

Everybody who goes to a restaurant now has to be divided by barriers to protect their health. Masks are worn to avoid the spread of particles between people. On paper, it seems like a fitting method to counteract a virus, but in reality it’s an instrument for division and tyranny.

If you look into the science of the masks which are designed for a virus, these paper thin layers of cloth are simple muzzles to a once vocal nation. The science behind them does not exist. The same with the barriers within a restaurant as particles can travel around objects.

The concept of being masked as you stand but taking it off when you sit is a simple example of ignorance and naivety. Do people truly believe we will be a functioning society if we keep this up for much longer? It simply isn’t logical.

The future of our world looks frightening if the Government continues to enforce rules that seem to reflect that of an authoritarian dictatorship. Do people not see the harm and the damage this has on our consumerism, community and future?

The reality is simple. We know that with every passing moment, more and more rules have slowly integrated themselves into our lives. We cannot simply walk into a shop without being questioned. We cannot access public transport without the fear of persecution. Our rights have been stripped snd so have the rights of many small businesses.

What’s Next?

As things continue to unfold, we are seeing increasing numbers in people who are rejecting the consistent pressure on our human rights. Those who can see where the system is moving are dejecting the very system that was told would protect us. The irony is, it is the very system that is the cause of our pain, sickness and debt.

We are living in a fallacy. The wool has been pulled over our eyes for too long and now people are beginning to see what is truly happening. If we want to go back to normality, do not give in to the pressure of the tyrannical government. Do not give over yourself health like a meal on a plate. This is about control and obedience. If you are obedient, you can have x,y and z. I was born into a free world. This is not a free world.

Stand up and take back what is truly ours. The land. The rights. The businesses and the opportunities. The monopolistic giants will fall the hardest when the small, but stronger structures begin to reject their ideologies. Do not trust everything you see. Do not trust everything you read. You need discernment and you need to understand the bigger picture at play here.

COVID-19 is a piece of a big puzzle. It’s a move. Like a game of chess, you aren’t in checkmate. Don’t hand over your strategy because you believe you have lost. It’s a game. Learn to play. Take back your power. Stand for what is truly right. The common law of the people and the land.

As time evolves, everything will begin to move more swiftly into the digital revolution. No more physical cash (which is not taxable), no more physical businesses which create community and spirit. It will be a digital empire run by the very Government who swear to protect us. There will be a digital currency (Government made), that is not decentralized and does not give people the power. The system will be communist snd socialist and we will be the very pigs to the slaughterhouse.

It is the beginning of a revolution. One in which requires people to stand up for their own human rights. If we do not, we will watch all systems fail and crumble. Make your choice.



Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.

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Matthew John Partridge

Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.