Free Guy is Our Reality

Seen the movie starring Ryan Reynolds? The one where he is a Non-playable character (NPC) and awakens to realize he’s in a video game? Yeah, that one.

The movie was built on the basis of a reality where Guy (Ryan Reynolds) works in a bank and lives his mundane life on repeat. He wakes up, says good morning to his goldfish “Goldy”, watches the news while he eats his cereal and then goes and buys his regular coffee order before he finds himself in the bank. His best friend is the security guard and Guy believes he is living his dream.

Guy is unapologetically optimistic, yet he is missing one thing in life; love. He waits for the day he finds the girl that sweeps him off his feet. Well, as anyone may predict, that day comes. He finds himself falling in love with Millie (Jodie Comer).

The problem is that in this reality Jodie is a hero. In Free Guy, those who wear sunglasses are the ones who are the superheroes and characters within the game. Guy knows this, but he chooses to act against the programming within the game because he is blinded by love.

I don’t want to ruin the plot, but Guy eventually finds a way to steal glasses of a main character and soon begins to find himself in a completely different reality. A world that he lives in, but cannot see. With reference to dimensions, Guy is living in 3D and the world around him is 5D — he is just to oblivious to see it.

The glasses, which in my opinion are a refer me to the pineal gland (third eye) are the defining variable that allows Guy to experience his reality in a cooler, more exciting and freeing way. He becomes his own superhero.

Why is this relevant to you, or me? Well, our world is no different. See at the 3D level of consciousness, we are slaves to the system. Wake up, eat, go to work, watch the news, sleep, repeat. It’s a life of the mundane. We all live there, to some degree.

Some of us work like slaves to the system. Others are trapped within the constructs of social media and some are even living in the illusion of fear which is orchestrated by social media and mainstream media. While we have all been there or live there, in some fashion or another, some of us are trying to be more like Guy.

Guy gives us hope that what we believe to be real, just might not be. Guy shows us that if we choose to see things differently, we can live a completely different life. Guy is the epitome of freedom. Although being blinded by love, Guy proves the impossible, possible.

He defies the very program that he was built into. He destroys the ideology that an NPC cannot be part of the game where main players exist. He literally re-writes the code from within the game. Some may suggest that Guy creates his own consciousness, which is seemingly impossible with an NPC in a game.

Now to the real beauty of the movie and it’s relevance to to our existence. We all live in reality and it feels nothing like a superhero movie. Are we the players, unaware that we are playing or are we the NPC’s, unaware that we have the power to play the most amazing game.

This further asks the question as to whether we are in a simulation or not? A programmed system that has a base reality but with free will built into the very core. Are we unaware that we are playing a game? Maybe we are all on the cusp of waking up, just like Guy. Maybe some of us will always be NPC’s?

Maybe we are outside of the simulation and we are currently locked into our bodies like we would be in augmented reality, but we are just unaware that we are playing. Years in here are minutes outside. What is the world we live in? Is this it?

Free Guy has certainly opened up some questions for me. Like the Matrix, it is a movie that makes you think a little more about life and your very own purpose. Could we choose to be a superhero? Do we just need an alter ego? Is Guy living out his alter ego the moment he puts his sunglasses on? Is it his true self or is it a mask they he is choosing to wear?

I believe that we can form a bias that the very movie could be telling us something more. It could be hinting at someone about our very own lives. It could be suggesting that we need to become our very own superhero’s snd maybe we will begin to see the world for what it truly is. Are we missing something? What do you think?



Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.

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Matthew John Partridge

Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.