Heaven and Hell is a State of Consciousness

That’s right. Heaven isn’t above us in the clouds. Neither is hell beneath us, in the dirt. It’s a state of mind. A place we all get to choose to live. Depending on our mindset, energy, frequency and vibrations we wake up everyday and choose to live in heaven and hell.

We’ve been led to believe that these places exist outside of us. Like a final chapter, we pray that we live good lives and end up in heaven. What will God do when he judges us? Are we worthy of heavenly experiences? Are we destined for an afterlife in heaven? These thoughts plague most people.

It’s fair to say that none of us want to end up in hell. A pit of flames and pain inflicted on us for eternity. Doesn’t sound like my kind of holiday destination. I like to think of myself on white beaches, vibrant forests and landscapes that embody all of nature and wildlife. A place where I could get up and find tranquility and peace and be immersed in love. Sign me up.

However, these places already exist here on earth. They are planes of existence and we can all access them. The fiery hell that we all so dread is simply accessible through living in fear, pain and regret. The beautiful heaven we do dream of also exists in the planes of love, kindness and happiness.

The unfortunate reality is that hell is far more accessible than heaven. Only few live in heaven as they do not allow the hive mind consciousness to deter them. The majority of the world live in hell. We have been conditioned our entire lives to live in a state of fear, pain and worry. Most of us have regrets and most of us worry about the future.

Everything around is designed to lower our frequency, from the food we eat, to the television we watch and the very people we spend our time with. It’s destructive. But it was designed with such intention that it’s not a mistake.

See, earth is like a game. A game of chess. A video game or a board game. Whatever fits for you, fits. This game is all about self. Understanding who we are to remember what we are capable of. We aren’t just random earthly beings. We are powerful beyond measure. We can choose which plane of existence we want to live in. We are the player, controller and creator all at once.

We are living simultaneously as one and experiencing it all in one fragmentation of what is actually true and real. Like a dream, the real world is a fragment of higher consciousness and we are fortunate enough to experience it — even though most of us have no idea.

People are trapped within their own minds and belief systems. They are indoctrinated. Goodness, I’ve been there too. Sometimes I need to remind myself that this isn’t real, it’s only a game. Then it all makes sense. I snap out of whatever attachment I have to something. See, the goal it to connected to everything but attached to nothing.

Heaven and hell are figments of the mind. Good and bad are figments of the mind. Everything is subjective. Everything. We just don’t see it. What I deem as good could be deemed as evil by the next person. The possibilities are endless and infinite. Like a game, there are so many choices one can make. Cause and effect. With every cause, there is an effect and with every effect, there is a cause. This is life. Every decision leads us down a different path.

If we learn to respect ourselves and the game, we can become good players. When we learn that death is an illusion and we can live infinitely within the game, in this life or multiple, then we master ourselves. See, with everything we are the obstacle. We need to learn to detach and we become connected. It is beautiful.

The moment we wake up and realize our true power is the moment we can take control of the very experience we want to have. Where do you want to live? On which plane of existence? What does Hell bring? More fear, more pain, more sadness. I’m good. Heaven? Abundance, love, prosperity and opportunity. The higher w raise our frequencies, the more beautiful thugs we can access.

Like any game, we need to level up. The better the level, the more gadgets, clothing and accessories we can have. The more we can explore and protect ourselves from external factors that can wreak havoc in our lives. Stay focused on your lane and make sure you continue to grow and develop. Find ways to level up, from personal development to doing good for those around you.

You have the power to chose your level of consciousness; your reality. It’s really up to you.



Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.

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Matthew John Partridge

Passionate about people, business and data. Curious about human behaviour, psychology, the human experience and the simulation theory.