Keep it Simple

2 min readMay 21, 2021


I’ve always been someone who appreciates the simplicities of life such as waking up, a well orchestrated symphony or the way my dog glares at me with love every second of the day.

Life really does come down to the simple things.

Gratitude for things we tend to forget about, like waking up or taking a breathe.

I’ve always been one to think deeply, analyze everything and try and make sense of the world around me. I get lost in it so often. I’m not to sure where the curiosity bit me, but I have been infected by it for so long.

I yearn daily in trying to make sense of even the smallest fragments of our very existence and reality. I find a point of interest and I let it run, tearing it apart in any way, shape or form.

I sit with thoughts, ideas, feelings and questions, not always knowing who to share them with. Sometimes this is to my own detriment, causing internal destruction. But it is a lesson. A lesson of understanding.

I’ve learnt that when this is the case, writing is the answer. Finding a way to channel this information allows me to let go of the burden of holding on to a exorbitant amount of information

Writing is an incredibly profound channel of which has allowed me to force isolated thoughts onto paper. It has been a healing mechanism in many ways.

When I write, it usually indicates that I feel no other way to express my thoughts and feelings. I tend to be stuck within a thought trap, unsure how to break free of the cage I have built for myself.

It can sometimes be extremely tough to wear a mask of honesty, especially when you’re opening up, but the more I embrace it the more I let myself work through the sticks and stones that life throws at me.

When I overcomplicate my mind, I seem to find it directly influences my environment. My life seems to become a little more complicated, too. This has taught me to take a step back, understand the thoughts I am having and allow myself to let it flow.

When breaking it all down, tackling it part by part and piece by piece, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Putting thoughts into words and words onto paper or into an article has been a secret weapon of mine. Once it is out of my mind, it is not my problem.

When all the thoughts are congested into an article it becomes a place of reference, only. It has helped me in so many ways to express my thoughts and feelings while allowing myself to let go of it all.

It’s simple really.