What is Real?

Movie or Game?

4 min readDec 11, 2021


Sometimes, I feel like an actor in this great show we call “life”.

Maybe I feel like the main player in a simulated game? Which one is it? I’m not quite sure, but one thing I know is this is all an illusion.

Life. Illusion. Seems fitting.

We all get so caught up in it that it engulfs our entire identity. Our entire existence.

I ask myself the following questions:

1. What is this?

2. What are we?

3. Where are we?

4. Who am I?

“Who am I going to be today?” depends on who I choose to be. Do I want to conquer the world or do I want to make one person smile? Do I want to scream with happiness or do I want to cry myself to sleep?

A victim?

A victor?

What defines that?

How do you define it?

Who makes the choice?

Is it conscious or subconscious?

Is it out of our control?

Is it scripted or is there free will?

What is behind the mask you choose to wear? What is your true essence? What factors determine the scene you choose to play? What variables determine your act?

For years and years I’ve become more aware of the roles I’ve played in my day-to-day life. Did I create these roles or was I a by-product of the stage? What purpose does it play in our lives? What integrity do we try and uphold?

As I sit here listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — Requiem, I wonder what the true point of living is? Are we here to become maskless beings or are we meant to “play our role” in this great act?

Do I even want to play?

This parody, we call life seems just like a movie set or a video game. Are we simply choosing which role we want to be today? A heart-throb hero, or a kind, loving friend? An agitated soul or a careless son? Which is it?

You choose, I guess.

I chuckle because the thought is humorous. If only I was so wrong. I’m reminded more and more, everyday, of this great show we seem to be living. Wake up, it is time to play. Oh wait, we’ve been playing all this time? I didn’t know.

The journey. The script. The movie. The play. The act. The game. Which is it?

I feel like Truman from the Truman show.

Is there a door on the far edges of this realm?

Can I take a boat and just climb out?

Can I leave?

Should I leave?

What happens if I leave?

Do I need to remind myself that “this isn’t real” and we are simply just living day-to-day life? Maybe. Or do I need to keep my mask off and simply not “play” anymore?

I prefer the latter.

I choose to rather not play any role and to just live. To be the free and unmasked. I don’t want to be a savior. I don’t want to be a healer. I don’t want to be the one who cheers you up or brings you flowers. I want to be “act-less”.

To let the world go by and watch the movie instead.

People need to play their roles.

I’ll grab the popcorn and watch the world go by.

Maybe I’ll fake it like Truman and just escape on the fake ocean? This superficial world we live in. Materialism. Things. Something. Nothing.

What are we?

Souls trapped in a meat suit?

Actual beings who are part of the universal race?

Random incarnations?


What is the purpose of this all?

To technologically advance into a superior species that can traverse time and space? Maybe it’s already been done, but we are trapped?

Is this a prison planet?

What do you think?

A place that is so beautifully broken. A heavenly hell, some might say. The controllers and the controlled. The deception and the deceived. The victors and the victims.

Who wants to play this game?

Do people seriously just binge watch television shows and never look out the window and wonder if there is more?

If this is it, then I am seriously concerned. If this is it then I question everything.

Are we already in the meta verse? A simulation of a simulation of a simulation. I think so. More so than some random chance of life.

Nothing is random or left to chance. There is reason to everything. There is a reason we are here. There is a reason to all of this.

What is it?

I guess whatever we want it to be.

We are in charge after all.

We are the main characters and the actors.

So, if that’s the case.

This is the final scene.

But once this act is done, I’m out.

I want something real.